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This website has been opened in purpose and positioning of the publicity to let you know everyone in the activities of the widely 「Zen Nihon BattoDo Renmei」,as well as to disseminate information to the Federation members,moreover to promote communication among members.

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Federation president ZENEMON SAKAIDA Message

42th ZNBDR Taikai & 9th Ueki Cup Tounament
May 26th 2018 8:30 
Ninomiya Gymnasium of Ninomita-Town 1000 Horigome,Moka,Tochigi,Japan


○ Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei became a member!

○ Articles for Zen-Nihon Batto-Do Renmei 

○  Inherited the Toyama-ryu the late Master Ueki Seiji
  "Toyama-ryu Iai batto-do Federation"was established

 ZNBDR Rank Test Standards
   連盟昇段審査規定                    Secretariat

○ ZNBDR Shinsa application
   段位・称号審査申請書             Secretariat